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Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005, 09:55 am
everywordmeans: Everywordmeansfuck here

I think I deserve to be part of this community based on my adoration of the word "Fuck", so I added. It's part of my username, although indirectly: ("everywordmeansfuck"), and I fit in here because of my love of poems as well.
Such as this one,...

The Overcoming (Part I)

True passion breeds no loss
waxes eternal
hillock and underdale.
Maybe strange nature will die
and her servants, the bees
will seed black azaleas
into her dying womb
before I ever take my leave of you...

and further,
I must hereby remind-
because only our bodies acknowledge space
and it's slaves, the eyes
measure distance
creating abscence in the vacuum of the senses,
I abjure vision's lie
in order to gnash my mouth
upon thou
kissing the death of all Reason
in the pleasant grave of your lips.

And it's sequel:

The Overcoming (Part II)

As Love requires sacrifice
and Sacrifice love,
as each
either tiny or grand act
of good
by necessity
nestles and produces rot,
as both sane and ill
overlap obese ripples
of the same demiurge,
-some ineffable continuum,
I tell you,
both damned and blest
I snake and poke for you
through the
Kindly Ones' sinewy threads
twisting them here
with no parables in plain sight for all to witness,
perfecting thier ends together
to form infinite loops
so that death is forgat.
I sheepshank like an eagle scout
my way to you for us (to get lost)
heaven on Earth.

thanks for reading.
Let me know what ch'all think.

Mon, Aug. 8th, 2005 03:55 pm (UTC)
mdesmont: The Poets' Grave

Hello, I noticed your interest in writing and thought I would introduce you to a community recently established; The Poets' Grave. The community premise is for individual poetry, prose and freestyle writing and promotes literary discussion on a variety of scholarly topics. This is not spam; rather an attempt to pool together poets and writers alike and I feel your work would fit in rather nicely. If you believe you might take interest in such a community, please feel free to drop by and look, maybe even join.

The search ID is: kmrtpg

Thank you,